Old Steinway Upright Piano Restoration

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What a great piano and a great story.  My mom was a realtor for a house and the woman said that she could have this piano (unrestored) if she were willing to move it out of the house.  She called me, since I play piano, and I immediately went over to check it out.  I don't know if the owner knew whether or not it was a Steinway because the room it was in was very dark and literally had no functional lights.  I'm pretty sure that I stepped on a mouse and disturbed several spiders homes on my way to check it out, flashlight in hand.  I did some research and got in David Estey or Estey Pianos and he told me that, even though it didn't look great, it would restore very nicely and the fundamentals were in great shape.  We got it out of that dungeon and it came out great.  Plays and sounds very very nice.  

Based on the serial #, I think it was originally from around 1930.  My only regret is that maybe we should have painted it some crazy color like red or blue...maybe for my next free Steinway.

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tanya 06/12/2009

Looks like a lot of work, but great result!

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