Condo Renovation

by jimbo

Kitchen area
right portion of 2 person rental bedroom
  • Kitchen area
  • Kitchen area w/partition wall
  • Entry area
  • Working the issues
  • Main livingroom
  • 2 person rental bedroom
  • Single rental bedroom
  • Single rental bedroom entrance as purchased
  • Full 2 person rental bedroom
  • 2 person rental bedroom - work area
  • Bathroom (before) - this photo doesn't due the issues justice.
  • Kitchen area
  • Accent wall
  • This is a UMD rental unit
  • Kitchen area
  • Entry area
  • Common living area
  • Common living area
  • Single person rental bedroom work area
  • Single person rental bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • work area for the 2 person rental bedroom
  • left portion of 2 persons rental bedroom
  • right portion of 2 person rental bedroom

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It took 42 days and it included alot of weekends and weekdays after work but the condo is now renovated!!  After purchasing the place in June for the purpose of rentals to college students, the renovation of the condo is complete and ready for our "furnished" rental agreement.  The first renter is in (the full bedroom) and the second will move in on July 16th (the first of the dual rental bedroom).  The third and final rental will move in mid-August.  All that is left is the window treatments!

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countertops 09/01/2009

I like the red accents

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