Exporting/Delivering Rattan Outdoor Furniture from Shanghai to Florida

Choose the outdoor fabric rattan style
3 generations enjoying the sunbed!
  • Choose the outdoor fabric rattan style
  • After placing an order, this is how it showed up
  • Never would fly in the US (this was in Shanghai)
  • Another company rewrapped it for the sea shipment
  • Rewrapped and ready for sea
  • crated glass table tops
  • Arrives in New Jersey! Ready to move to Florida
  • Loading up in New Jersey, headed for Florida
  • Lots of stuff stored in the garage waiting to make the trip to Florida
  • Those look comfy
  • Everything strapped down
  • Unloading...
  • Unloading more...
  • And still unloading more...
  • Unpacking...
  • Moving it around
  • Unfortunately it created lots of waste
  • The sad lifecycle of a box in the world
  • Arrived in Florida!
  • Not too shabby!
  • Looking good!
  • 3 generations enjoying the sunbed!

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What an adventure.  First you'll see that we pick fabric and place an order.  It arrives nearly falling off the truck in Shanghai where it is rewrapped and shipped by sea to New Jersey, USA.  From here it was trucked down to Florida.  This stuff made quite a trip and left a fond memory of a lot of hard work to make it all happen.

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tanya 05/11/2009

Looking good and stylish.

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