Perhaps the oldest Kindle 2 owner in the world

that's a big book
Easy to read
  • that's a big book
  • thick book
  • look at the size of that book
  • we couldn't get the font any bigger on the paper version of this book
  • that's a small kindle!
  • eye-friendly screen
  • look how thin it is - it barely weighs anything and here it's in a case
  • you can change the font size
  • Easy to read

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For her 95th birthday, we got our Grandmother a kindle.  She didn't think she needed it but it turns out she loved it.  She went from lugging around big heavy books to tapping around a sleak new kindle.  It allows her to make the font big when she doesn't feel like wearing glasses, or have the book read to hear when she doesn't feel like reading.  Within 24 hours of getting it as a gift she had downloaded herself a nice little library.  While the kindle is easy to use, don't mess with Grandma Ruthie.  She remembers just about everything since was 3 years old and she still works out twice a week.  The only downside is that no one wants to drop the kindle on a spider that made it's way into the house.  Maybe the kindle is a blessing in disguise for spiders worldwide...

Update 5/5/09: after sharing the widwi with Grandma Ruthie she emailed me back (yes, she emails!), "Hi there ---- I was up until 3 o'clock this morning reading my kindle.  Have a wonderful book - "The First Family."


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scott 05/27/2009

Ruthie, you look awesome--enjoy! Scott

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sinus4u 05/15/2009

She texts and web chats on her Mac computer. We offered to buy Ruthie an iPhone but she turned it down. A family member....

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klonglcsw 05/13/2009

Very cool grandma!!!

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tanya 05/11/2009

Curios, what kind of cellular phone she uses? iphone?

She would know how to use an iphone better than most...

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Susan 05/07/2009

Congratulations on this great WIDWI. This proves you are never too old to enjoy new ideas and inventions! Go Ruthie!

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