A good way to ship a plant

Needed to get these plants shipped but didnt want to ruin them
The before and after are really the same - that was the goal!
  • Needed to get these plants shipped but didnt want to ruin them
  • Another use for a pizza box...Cut a hole in the top of the box just the size of the pot.  Then tape the pot to the box and stick the entire thing into a bigger box.  Make sure nothing can move
  • Opening up the box...
  • Had to pad it so they wouldnt move no matter what
  • The soil made the trip too.  I wrapped the pot in a plastic bag before I tape the entire thing into a whole I cut into the pizza box.  This way the plant wouldnt move and the soil wouldnt fall out during transit.
  • Interesting taping job around the plant
  • The before and after are really the same - that was the goal!

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I had to get these jades plants shipped.  So...I took an old pizza box and cut a circle in it to fit the plant it.  I wrapped the base of the plant in a plastic bag and taped it all around really well so that the soil wouldn't fall out during transit.  I cut the pizza box sides exactly so that it would snugly fit into my shipping box.  Protected the tops and sides.  Extra tape just in case.  It made it - no problem.

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mrsdraven11 04/17/2009

Great idea!

It was quite a process, but the plant arrived safely!

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