1925 Harley-Davidson JD

My 1925 Harley JD on the day I bought it.
The Happy Owner Riding Free
  • My 1925 Harley JD on the day I bought it.
  • Not quite a rolling basket case, as it actually ran !
  • Just look at all those rusty parts!
  • I'm gonna have to hang on tight to those bars!
  • My wife Patty also savored the momment.
  • Rusty and looking like it was well ridden
  • A real show winner fully restored
  • My JD almost ready to go for it's first ride.
  • Photograph for a motorcycle magazine
  • Closeup of my engine after restoration, also for the magazine.
  • A Calendar Photo taken of my Harley JD
  • The Happy Owner Riding Free

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My 1925 Harley_Davidson 1200cc (74") JD was a project that took me over 10 years from finding it, till fully restored.

While on a trip to the 50th Anniversary of Hollister in Northern California, I ran into an old fellow who had some antique motorcycles on display in the campground. When I spoke to him about them, he said they were for sale and we started talking.  Two weeks later, I was the proud owner of a 72 year old motorcycle for a grand total of $7,000. 10 years later, I have a real show winner and a great rider too.  Lots of time and labor to get it restored, but it is the new love of my life. (Just don't tell my wife)

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simpleyankee 06/13/2009

Love love love the old Harley's!! Great job! We're headed to Laconia this afternoon, hoping to see some older styles like yours!

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rebecca890 06/11/2009

This is so cool! How did you hook up with a magazine for a photogragh?

I am always meeting people when I am out riding my JD. They tend to want to talk to me all about it and sometimes they take photos too. On one occasion, I met an editor for a magazine and that's how I got hooked up with their magazine. My bike has also been featured in a new calendar too. I'm posting that photo now. Thanks for your comment. :)

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aprice88 06/11/2009

Didn't they have color cameras in 1997? That pic looks like it was taken the day the bike rolled out of the production line. Awesome "before" shot!

They did have color cameras, BUT, my friend had an old Polaroid B/W camera with him when we found the bike and that's the photo we shot on that very special day. Thanks for your comment. :)

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