Painting our kitchen green

more boring
super cool clock.  a must have accessory for any green kitchen.
  • more boring
  • boooooooring
  • ooh la la
  • Looking for hidden treasure in the microwave
  • We love the green, but when we showed it to Grandma she said, "I heard you were going to paint the place.  It'll look great once it's painted."  Ummmm we already painted it!
  • the flash went off in this photo so the green looks a tad brighter than it actually is
  • super cool clock.  a must have accessory for any green kitchen.

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Decided to make our apartment more interesting by painting the kitchen walls green. We chose a high gloss benjamin moore paint which has proven easy to wipe down from kitchen messes.  We love it.

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aprice88 05/21/2009

I really like the clock!

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