New Homey Dining Room

by lprice9

Love the change!
  • Plain
  • Plain
  • Tape
  • Tape (Note the new light fixture)
  • Tape and test paint
  • Coat 1 of 3
  • So nice!
  • It took some acrobatics to get to that one square
  • Pretty entryway!
  • Love the change!

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Though I really hate painting, I needed to add some warmth to this big dining room/living room combo.  I tested out a few colors using the color samples from The Home Depot.  I chose Tate Olive from Behr in a Satin Finish and started painting!

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JHealy 01/04/2010


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rebecca890 11/05/2009

this looks great! makes such a difference to the room.

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ocean 11/05/2009

nice job! looks great

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