Humpty Dumpty

by emay78

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Being 9 months pregnant around Halloween, I knew I needed to get creative.  I found a site online that had some homemade ideas, so I had to try this one.  I bought a packing box, painted it red w/some left over interior wall paint, and sketched some bricks using a black marker. I painted my belly white with some stage makeup and a friend sketched the face.  I'm having a girl and just so happened to have some baby tights and shoes that friends had given me, so I stuffed the tights w/tissue, and taped to the inside of the box.  I kept the box on by adding some string "suspenders" to the box.  

Overall, it was pretty easy and cost me about $6 to create.  My friends and neighbors got a kick out of it at the halloween party I went to this past weekend. :-)

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AngieBrooke 10/30/2009

This is such a cute costume. Congrats on the pregnancy too. :)

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rebecca890 10/30/2009

this is fricken' awesome!! i love the idea.

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