Saftey First! Painting a step that made us fall.

it's a hidden step
no more tripping!
  • it's a hidden step
  • sweeping the floor clean
  • check out that step - you can barely see it!
  • laying the painters tape
  • laying the painters tape
  • angled corner
  • taping the angled corner
  • taping the wall
  • paint
  • starting to get some supervision...
  • with some helpers
  • a little oversite never hurts
  • ut oh - the inspectors show up!
  • missed a spot!
  • waiting for it to dry
  • still waiting for it to dry...
  • ut oh...some overspray
  • overspray - need to redo this area
  • extending out that nice angled corner to cover up the overspray
  • and now we wait for it to dry...again
  • no more tripping and a happy customer!
  • pulling up the paper
  • don't forget to recycle that paper!
  • we should've taped the paper down fully - not just in spots (an effort intended to save tape).   some overspray got under the paper
  • looking good
  • nice line!
  • some overspray
  • recycle!
  • looking good!
  • no more tripping!

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This is a small step in the garage that we keep tripping over.  To keep our hips in tact and the lawsuits away we put down a yellow line to help point it out.  Common sense tip:  either use a paint brush to paint or make sure the newspaper is well secured.  You'll see how the spray paint got under the paper in some spots.  Overall, easy and effective home project.  Took about 30 mins to do, besides the drying time.

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sinus4u 05/08/2009

This looks easy and would solve an important safety problem.

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