metal tray menu board

basic supplies: metal tray, chalkboard paint, alphabet stickers, tape
you can add a magnet to the back!
  • basic supplies: metal tray, chalkboard paint, alphabet stickers, tape
  • mask off edge of metal tray
  • place alphabet stickers, and prime if you want to.
  • spray chalkboard paint. *do outside or in a well ventilated space
  • allow to dry fully, remove masked edge and stickers.
  • i glued the butchers twine around the edge.
  • then used some chipboard letters, flowers and numbers to decorate
  • you can add a magnet to the back!

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hi everyone juliann here again for the everyday scrapper!  
today  i shared how i used a metal tray and chipboard accents (provided by make a chalkboard/menu tray! isn't it cute??!! there are step by step instructions with each photo.  i hope i've inspired you all to make one!  and share with us at the everyday scrapper!!

you can follow us on Twitter (EverydayScrap) and visit us on The Everyday Scrapper space (

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Jenni 03/31/2010

Oh my this is so creative!

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