Corvette 74 body off

by Nickj

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After 15 years I finally decided to fully restore the 74 vette. The last picture is the current status and are now starting on the interior before the car gets a couple of clear coat layers and buffing. The restoration started in december 2006 and I can't wait to get it on the road again. Biggest issue is getting the parts over like the 700R4 tranny, 350HO crate engine, brake rebuild set etc as the shipping cost is massive.
As soon as there is some progress, I'll update the site :)

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32Tudor 06/22/2009

Nice post. Not sure what the issue is with shipping things? Where (generally) are you? A friend of mine has a white 77 all apart and might become motivated by seeing yours coming together. Any big plans for it once it is road ready? I have concerns over not putting the clear coat on right away? Metalic base is vulnerable to any slight dings or mars. I think the metal flake (tough it is tiny), is subject to damage without a clear coat protection. I would hate to see marks show up afterwards. I am NOT and expert on paint, so I could be off base here. Just a concern. Looks great!

Thanks for the kind words guys. The issue with shipping is the cost of shipping + the import taxes. In total you have to add approx.28% on the invoice total. If the parts are shipped with a container in a car for example, you can fool customs to avoid the import tax, but then you have to wait 3 months before the parts arrive. You're right about the clear coat. What we are doing now is assembling all exterior trim and then get the base coat on. According to the paint shop it's cheaper to repair dings, scratches due to assembly when the clear coat is not on yet. Guess I'll have to thrust his expertise :) Plans afterwards : drive it drive it drive it! It's a restoration to become a daily driver (hence the overdrive transmission, rack and pinion steering conversion, navigation touch screen, smaller steering wheel, SS brake system. Can't wait to hear the V8 rumble again. Future plans might include a fuel injection system to cut down on fuel consumption. Regards, Nick

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simpleyankee 06/13/2009

This looks great!! We're in the early stages of restoring a '66 Chevelle right now.

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