Kitchen Remodel

by joel

Original Kitchen
Another view.
  • Original Kitchen
  • Another view of original kitchen
  • Complete updated kitchen
  • Some new cabinets arrived.
  • Building and placing new cabinets
  • More new cabinets.
  • Beginning to take shape.
  • Upper cabinets in place.
  • Microwave and dish washer.
  • Refrigerator in place.
  • Granite and wine fridge.
  • Almost there.
  • Everything removed and stripped to drywall.
  • Another view.

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Research local kitchen companies.  Choose replacement cabinets, granite, stove, fridge etc.  Work closely with the company you choose and monitor the quality of their work.  Pay only as they do the work.  Enjoy your new kitchen.  Invite your friends for dinner!

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rebecca890 05/25/2009

Fantastic! Love the new look. Who did you use for a contractor? Would you recommend them?

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