New bedroom decor: Bed, Dormia Mattress, Lamps

Old queen size frame and mattress
dormia ultra bed
  • Old queen size frame and mattress
  • Our old queen size mattress
  • the bed being stored behind our couch before the new mattress arrived
  • the bed ready to be assembled
  • the bed is setup!
  • 1 part of the foundation is down (it's 2 twins for a king)
  • that's the dormia king mattress!  unreal - it came rolled up in a box and within a few hours expanded into a very firm mattress
  • that looks comfy - the mattress is starting to expand
  • dormia ultra bed

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Lots of pieces to this puzzle.  We wanted to switch from a queen to a king sized bed.  Sounds easy, right?  Not if you are obsessed with finding the best possible deal on said bed, like me.  We found an AWESOME deal on this real canadian wood, king-sized bed on (by the way, use to search lots of craigslist sites much more easily).  Love it.  Found someone who was making the drive from where it was to our area (2 hours away) and only charged me $60 to deliver it.  Love it more.  Then we got a great deal on the Dormia mattress.  We switched from a Tempurpedic and I think it's even better.  I find it all around more comfortable and I think it's more firm than the Tempurpedic.  Found some cool lamps that fit our room decor better than those old victorian looking things and now, voila, the room looks great and we sleep better.

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