My 1962 Buick Electra

Doors removed
  • Doors removed
  • Interior about to be removed
  • Fenders and trim removed
  • No more glass

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One year ago we decided to freshen up this 1962 Electra that we have owned for 20 years.  The project got more complex as time went on.  We finally decided to do a "like factory" paint job.  We love the result.

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32Tudor 06/22/2009

Looks great! Sounds expensive. The might as well factor can kill you, but is the only way to go. I hope you are sharing with people at local cruise nights. I prefer them to shows because you end up talking to people and learning more about their cars and projects. More details on the car, options, history would be nice.

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sinus4u 05/21/2009

This is fantastic! I love the car. I wish I owned the car.

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