Water outdoor plants when not at home

by joel

Flower pot with petunias.
Multiple garden hoses can be used for a long run.
  • Flower pot with petunias.
  • Garden hose with short splice of soaker hose placed over flower pot.
  • Garden hose connected to a battery operated timer.
  • Another example of garden hose with soaker hose splice.
  • Hoses can be fixed in place using plastic tie downs.
  • Multiple garden hoses can be used for a long run.

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Plants need water daily.  When you are away from home for extended periods of time, soaker hose pieces interspersed between garden hose connected to a timer can be programmed to deliver water where and when you choose.

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aprice88 05/27/2009

Hi - great idea. Where did you find soaker hoses connected to real hoses?

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