Balloon sinuplasty opens blocked sinus

by sinus4u

Over 10 years of cheek sinus blocked by infection
2 1/2  years later, sinus remans clear and patient has been free of all sinus infections.
  • Over 10 years of cheek sinus blocked by infection
  • Nasal endoscopic view of mucus trying to get out of blocked sinus.
  • Balloon in the opening of blocked cheek sinus to dilate and open sinus.
  • After dilating the sinus, irrigating tube is placed into the sinus opening.
  • Trapped mucus washed out of now opened sinus.
  • 2 1/2  years later, sinus remans clear and patient has been free of all sinus infections.

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Sinusitis can now be easily managed with Balloon Sinuplasty.  This is similar to opening a blocked artery with an angioplasty.  A flexible wire is guided into the blocked sinus opening.  A balloon is passed over the the wire, inflated to widen the obstruction, deflated and removed.  The now open sinus can be washed to remove infection.
(Technology supplied by Acclarent, Inc, Menlo Park CA.  

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Howard22 12/19/2009

Sorry about the lunch/squeamish thing. The Balloon Sinuplasty technology develeoped by Acclarent has had a new and powerful validation. Johnson & Johnson, the big medical giant purchased the company this week for $800 million.

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GDC 12/18/2009

Just posted a note on another balloon thread. Great to see the word getting out on procedures like this that work WITH the body. In this case helping the nasal passages do their thing. These videos are not for the squeamish though - look out!

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woakes 05/22/2009

Information on the devices can be seen at and patient information is well covered at, along with the devices and patient testimonials!

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tanya 05/22/2009

Great! How long does it take to recover from a typical Balloon sinuplasty procedure?

Recovery will depend on the extent of the sinus disease and the number of sinuses that need Balloon Sinuplasty. However, for a typical case like the one illustrated here, a person cold easily be back to all activities the next day!!

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