Repaving the Road in West Orange, NJ

by ocean

The patchwork
very smooth
  • The patchwork
  • more patchwork
  • digging it up
  • Cracking from last year
  • more digging
  • nice pile of pavers
  • those cones were very effective
  • ahhh so smooth
  • pavers getting lined up
  • putting in the pavers
  • looking good
  • finishing the front of the driveway to match the existing driveway
  • finishing another driveway to match
  • in case cows need to come by and have a snack
  • the technical word is "smoosh"
  • looking good
  • almost done
  • almost done
  • very smooth

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Our tax dollars at work!  Last year they came in and did some work to the gas line that really tore up the road.  So they came back this year and repaved.  It looks GREAT!  They even did the 1st few feet of the driveways.

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