Marker/Crayon containers made from Soda Cans

24-Hour Soda can Challenge
  • 24-Hour Soda can Challenge
  • I used a knife to cut the top off, but you might have scissors that would work.
  • Kids would need help with this part, as the can can be sharp.
  • Measure height & circumference of can.
  • Wrap paper around can & fold over cut lip.
  • Hot-glue the paper closed.
  • Hot glue decorative ribbon along the bottom.
  • Finished product! Cute containers for markers or crayons.
  • You can see the bottom of the cans herre.
  • Storage containers you are proud to have sitting out.

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I was excited to come up with a quick crafty project of for the 24-hour soda can challenge.

This is what I made. Beginning to end (including time to stop & take pictures), the project took 30 minutes.

I started by cutting off the lids of soda cans. I used a kitchen knife, because that was what I had around, but sharp scissors (or maybe a small hand saw) would work. Most of this craft would be good for kids, but the parts involving cutting would need to be done by an adult, as the aluminum can be sharp once cut.

I then, went through my scrapbook paper & found pages I like. I measured the height & circumference of the cans (4-5 inches tall and 8-9 inches around). You want to cut your paper a bit bigger than your measurements so you have room for folding over at the top & overlapping on the sides.

Wrap paper around the can & fold the top over the sharp lip. Glue the sides closed. You probably don't need to glue the top lip in, because once the sides are closed, that is pretty secure. I then cut ribbon to glue along the bottom. I used a hot-glue gun for all the gluing, but rubber cement might do the trick.

You could make just a few for marker, crayons, pencils on a desk, or you could make a whole 6- or 12-pack to separate out the colors! Get your kids involved ... they'll love this project. Use blank paper & let them decorate with stickers, puffy paint, rhinestones or their own artwork!

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