What I Did With My Leica VLUX 1 (taking it apart)

dry lcd screen!
  • some moisture on the lcd screen
  • some moisture on the lcd screen
  • lcd housing needed to be cleaned
  • my supplies - q tip, tissue paper, cup of water, and screwdriver
  • paper template with all of the screws
  • paper screw template
  • a little corrosion in there
  • cleaned up some corrosion in there
  • replace all the screws
  • put the screws back in!
  • tada!
  • my finished paper screw templates (noticce - no extra screws!)
  • dry lcd screen!

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I had some trouble with my Leica VLux 1 camera so I took it apart.  Lots of little screws so I made a paper template of the camera, poked holes where the screw would go, and put them in the holes as I took out the screw.  I would highly recommend following this same procedure.  Once I got inside, there were so many wires in a such a small space connected to the main circuit board, that I decided to stop there.  Common mistake: don't yank!  If it doesn't move easily keep looking for screws.  There are 2 behind the LCD screen and 1 in the battery compartment.  Make sure you get them all!

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