Light Fixtures Make a Big Difference

by lprice9

Original Fixtures in the house.  There were a total of 5 of them
Looks so much better!
  • Original Fixtures in the house.  There were a total of 5 of them
  • Twine...I needed this as my extra hand.  Read on below to see how I made the twine work for me.
  • Junction box
  • One done
  • Looks so much better!

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I think small changes, like light fixtures, can make a big difference. So I went to home depot and bought new fixtures for only $50 each and installed them myself.  It was really a challenge to hold up the mounting base while I connected the wires to the junction box so I came up with a system that worked.  I tied the twine around my wrists and wrapped the loose string so there was very little slack.  I then tied the other ends of the twine to the spokes on the mounting base so I was able to let the base hang from my wrists while my hands were free to connect the wires.

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ocean 11/05/2009

and dont forget that you have to turn off the circuit breaker so you dont electrify yourself!!! nice work.

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