Kitchen Remodel for under $10,000

by Dombrow

Before - old and broken
Fabulous New Kitchen
  • Before - old and broken
  • Fabulous New Kitchen

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My husband and I completed this kitchen in a month for under $10000. We worked every weekend and every night after work to get it completed. We're now putting our house on the market and are hoping for a big resale. Let me know what you think.

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rebecca890 07/10/2009

Nice work! It looks so nice and modern now. Do you have any "in-progress" photos? Did you have to do any plumbing work to move the location of your sink and to add the dishwasher? Have you ever redone any other rooms in your house?

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aprice88 07/09/2009

Wow - did you do this all yourselves? Where did you buy most of the supplies? Do you have any more "Before" and "after" pics, or maybe just "after" if you don't have any more "before?" It looks great. Nice work. I really like the new faucet and backsplash.

We did everything but the countertops, the granite store installed those. We bought the cabinets at Ikea, countertops at a granite outlet store and the rest of the supplies at Home Depot. The priciest items were the appliances, but I'm assuming that is usually the case.

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