Paper Birch rings-world's only?

by peter L

Clam Lake, WI Paper Birch
Finished pair of rings-Has this been done before?
  • Clam Lake, WI Paper Birch
  • Finished pair of rings-Has this been done before?

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While on vacation in Clam, Lake WI summer '09 I gathered three small ~5"x9" sheets of cast paper birch-  Bark is always shed- please to not cut from live trees.  I drew a picture of a Loon on one sheet and brought other two home for a rainy day.  Georgia was not having rainy days so I made these rings by cutting narrow strips of bark using Ecoglue to connect several layers in ring form.  I used several fine coats of glue on edges and interior.  Then followed up with gold paint on edges and interior.  They might be the world's only birch wedding rings.  They are very comfortable to wear.  Check for my other art  thanks and enjoy. Peter L  Hull- GA

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aprice88 08/04/2009

this is very, very cool. great work. is it sturdy? i mean, will it last a long time?

Thanks I'm wearing it now- I think it will last-they might need varnish in the long run.

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