Solar panel - air heater made of pop cans

by Mladen

applying silicone on cans
finished solar panel
  • applying silicone on cans
  • gluing the insulation
  • assembled panel before painting
  • solar panel without polycarbonate cover
  • how it works!!
  • finished solar panel

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Basically, it is incredibly simple and cheap DIY solar panel for supplemental home heating, which heats the air directly.
The most interesting is the fact that collector is almost entirely constructed out of empty aluminum cans!

Housing for solar collector is made of wood (plywood 15mm), while its front is 3 mm (0.12 inches) Plexiglas/polycarbonate (you can use tempered glass as well). The back of the case set is made of 20mm rock wool (or styrodur) as insulation.

Solar absorber is made out of beer and soda cans, painted in matte-black paint resistant to high temperature. The upper part (cover) of cans is specifically designed to provide greater efficiency in heat exchange between the cans and the passing air.

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saynuk 09/20/2011

No way! That's a totally rad recycling project!

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