Feng Shui Water and Metal Element Painting

Rough draft
Finished and hanging
  • Rough draft
  • Finished and hanging

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I love painting large abstracts but this piece took on a life of its own and became a very contemporary painting with feng shui influences.

I had purchased a roll of copper sheeting a year or so ago and had not used it yet. When I saw the roll had started to turn a beautiful patina, it inspired me to use it in this piece.

What was really unexpected was the copper represents the metal element in feng shui so using the colors of elements in the stripes, I found the copper medallion had power with the water elements.

This piece hanging in my living room completely changed the energy (chi) attracting a new prosperity I had not known before. I am so excited to see what comes to life in my next painting.

The size is a lightweight 48"x60" gallery wrapped canvas that is available for purchase. Please contact me for a quote.

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