Altered Spool

Old wooden spools
Finished spool
  • Old wooden spools
  • Supplies
  • Strip and button glued on spool
  • Finished spool

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Joan from The Everday Scrapper with an idea for altering spools.  I saw this idea in Somerset Memories and have made a dozen or so - they are lots of fun!!  
I use my old scraps of scrapbook paper, measure the inside of the spool, cut the strip and ink the edges.  Sometimes I stamp pictures or words on the strip or use small pictures from magazines; the one I am showing here has Birthday rub-ons on it.  
Remove the thread from the spool, ink the top and edges with the chalk ink.  Attach the strip with a dab of glue.  I put a button on the top of this spool; I have also used metal charms and small bits of jewelry.
Wind the paper strip around the spool, cut a small bit of fiber or ribbon and tie around the finished spool.
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