Replacing an old shed

by spey

Old metal shed, with the roof removed and flipped over on the ground.
  • Old metal shed, with the roof removed and flipped over on the ground.
  • Close up of the awesome original shed. It's hard to see, but it's also very rusty.
  • The shed in our driveway, on a palette. It was delivered by a delivery truck.
  • Shed kid unwrapped in the driveway.
  • Shed kit moved into the backyard.
  • Floors down and walls up. This part was pretty straightforward.
  • We sealed the roof pieces before putting them up. The outside of the shed was ceder, so was needed to protect it.
  • Four of six roof panels up. This part was hard. Try to have three people working on this part together.
  • Everying up except the doors. We painted them before putting them up, so at this point were basically done with assembly. The picture is dark because getting to this point took all day.
  • Most of the painting is done. You can see the painted doors inside the shed. We painted the doors and the trim before putting them up to keep the paint cleaner.
  • Painted doors, flowerbox, and shutters are up. Some painted wooden stars and a giant metal key (both painted purple) add ridiculous accents.

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We ripped down an old metal shed and replaced it with a wooden shed from a kit. New shed was 8'x12', and the old shed was similar.

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aprice88 10/14/2009

Did you assemble and paint this all yourself or did you have professional help? Great work.

Just me and my wife. Our son helped carry some screws out to the shed, but not many. My father-in-law and wife did a ton of work to make a solid foundation for the shed that, in retrospect, we probably didn't need to do. Well, they didn't need to do it.

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