Before and After Nautical Chart Table

Table that we found on the curb
Finished Chart Table!
  • Table that we found on the curb
  • After Sanding and painting with refuse paint from the paint store and an old chart we found on our boat.
  • Finished Chart Table!

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This table we scored where most of us New Yorkers get our furniture... on the curb. There is way too much wood in my house of all mismatching colors, so recently I decided to redo the living room and start with this table. I painted the top and then cut up this old nautical chat we found on our boat that belonged to the previous owner and used mod podge to affix it to the top. Then I did 3 layers of shellac over the map. Its cool because our boat's mooring and area we will be sailing the most is on the map and the previous owners notes.

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