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180 south 100 east Before
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Described as a Ultra-Green, Sustainable Comfort Home, The Downtown  Hideaway, located at 180 South 100 East, St. George, Utah is a new and excitingly different renovation project. Green elements include:
- Participation and ownership of shares in the City of St. George's innovative Sun Smart program, providing clean renewable solar energy for electrical use.
- A partnership for donation and re-use, of useable discarded materials and equipment has been formed with Habitat for Humanity and their local Restore.
- New landscaping featuring Xeriscape (extreme low water) design components to augment the existing large specimen shade trees, which inherently reduce cooling requirements. Zero water artificial turf made of recycled materials is an additional primary feature.
- The Exterior Architecture of the home has been enhanced with decorative fencing and the addition of a front porch deck,  all using composite, recycled, long lifetime, materials.
- Replacement of all windows with energy star compliant dual glazed vinyl windows throughout the home. Window replacement maximizes day and nighttime ventilation and adds to thermal resistance for the winter months.
- All new Energy Star stainless steel kitchen appliances for performance and energy efficiency.
- Most carpet areas are replaced with Renewable bamboo and cork flooring materials for better and easier maintenance.
- New recycled/renewable counter tops.
- Replacement of toilets with new low flow-dual flush fixtures to reduce quantities of both potable water use and the need for wastewater disposal.
- New more efficient primary gas and secondary electric heating components.
- Rainwater collection system for non-potable gardening use.
- Secure and covered bicycle storage facilities to further promote the minimizing of automobile use.
- Construction and renovation methods have been modified to include extensive recycling of removed materials and equipment.
- We have added solar tube skylight features to darker areas of the interior further promoting a lighter more pleasant and energy efficient interior.
- The Home is inherently green due to its minimum square footage and well-insulated heavy mass exterior walls.
- Kitchen cabinets have been modernized using Renewable Bamboo new facing material.
- Electrical components have been modernized for safety and efficiency.
- Ample exterior storage in a vintage shed renovated with recycled material.
- All interior paints contain no V.O.C.s for fresher/safer air quality.
- New energy efficient hot water heating system.

The existing homes location is inherently green due to its proximity to St. George city center and the availability of shopping, restaurants, culture and other downtown amenities. The neighborhood boasts few auto garages and promotes walking and bicycling over automobile use.

Detailed information can be seen in the video and by following this link.  

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aprice88 06/25/2009

Very nice! Is this a "green remodel" as in "environmentally friendly" or just as in the new grass? Would love to see more details about this project in the description.

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