Old Windows into Doors for a Cupboard

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A friend gave us two window sashes salvaged from a Virginia Beach renovation. My husband used the windows as doors for a cupboard. We left the pink paint in place (but inside the cupboard instead of out).

The sides were constructed of scrap wood, the back is left-over beadboard from another project. The top and top trim is from a salvaged Loudoun county barn door (the rest was used for a mirror frame). Used chicken wire for the sides and old ceramic tubes (from knob & tube wiring) for the handles.

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Quadrangubcar 09/28/2011

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rplevitz 10/02/2009

This is really amazing. Do you have any more pics you can upload? Or maybe any close ups of the finished product? It looks great. Good job.

Thanks! Don't have closeups but will work on getting some.

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