Putting up a widwi billboard in NJ

by widwi

This is the empty billboard
Another view from the highway (it's legible, this picture is very deceiving)
  • This is the empty billboard
  • This is the printer that the banner came from (
  • hard at work
  • namifiers people at work
  • the banner is printing
  • the banner is finished printing! (it's 8' wide by 13' across) it's huge!
  • 13' box doesn't travel so well - this is how it arrived
  • that's a long box
  • rolled and wrapped nicely
  • We didn't like how the "/" looked in red.  "before/after" looked like 1 word.  So we decided to paint it...
  • Paint, brush, and tape for the /
  • Taped it up...
  • A few coats of white paint..
  • The "/" looks great.  We ended up putting on 4 coats of outdoor paint.
  • The blank billboard
  • Hanging crew at work
  • Hanging crew still at work
  • Almost done
  • Just about finished
  • Thanks to Competitive Signs and Graphics for a job well done
  • This is the view from across the highway
  • Another view from way across the highway
  • This is from an overpass pretty far away
  • Should have brought a can opener
  • Billboard complete
  • Billboard completed
  • A view from the highway
  • Another view from the highway (it's legible, this picture is very deceiving)

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widwi put up a billboard in NJ!

widwi has a very nice friend who has helped us out with the space to put up a billboard.  The location gets a lot of New Jersey car traffic every day.  Find it above the toll at the exit where 280 becomes the Garden State Parkway, in East Orange, NJ.

After we came up with the design, we sent the specs to the nice people at .  They are great to work with.  Their prices are outstanding and they provide great turn-around and shipping time.  This is the 2nd time we've used them and we highly recommend their work.  The banner did have a few problems, but they took care of the 1st one (missing grommets) immediately and they have yet to learn of the 2nd minor issue.  I'm sure they will continue to provide excellent customer service.  

The billboard went up this morning and it looks great!  A few lessons if you're making a banner:  Use bigger letters than you think you'll need.  Have your banner printer measure your banner in person or before they ship it to make sure it's exactly what it should be.  Use highly contradictory colors - we thought (and were told) that the red of "before" and "after" would pop right off the banner.  However, we should have made those words black.  The red gets a little lost.  

Overall, we are extremely pleased.

<b>Send us your pictures of this banner and we'll send you a free widwi magnet and add your pics to this widwi posting!</b>

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