Spooky cat puppet origami

Take a dollar bill
Turn over
  • Take a dollar bill
  • Fold it in half
  • Then twice
  • Fold bottom and top egde in to meet center fold
  • Open back up
  • Fold lower left corner in
  • Fold upper left corner in
  • Open up, turn over
  • Fold bottom in
  • Turn over, go to previous corner fold seam and bring in together
  • Collapse the top
  • Fold it in half
  • Turn over
  • Bring top egde down to meet bottom
  • Fold side in
  • And other side in
  • Open up the top
  • Fold side back in
  • Fold other side in
  • Turn over
  • Open up top
  • Turn over
  • Fold corner ear down
  • Fold bottom of ear up
  • Fold other corner ear down
  • Fold other bottom ear up
  • Stick a finger in
  • Turn over

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Be the children's favorite trick or treat this Halloween - No goodies required!

Tried of the same old tradition, giving out candies to kids? Does anyone want money, raise your hand! Let a dollar spooky cat puppet origami be any kids favorite Halloween trick or treat. Teach them how to save money and thier teeth in a fun and healthier way. Everybody is happy!

I call it "Spooky cat halloween tooth fairy"

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