Do blondes have more fun?

by jmertz

Still a blonde...
The new brunette me
  • Still a blonde...
  • The new brunette me

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What did I do with my hair? Well, I died it brown. This may seem minor, but for anyone who was born and raised a blonde (and who has spent tons of money keeping it that way) you know the decison to give it up can be a major one. Lets just say I seem to be the only one truely liked it...and the after after is that I am once again a blonde...

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J 10/28/2009

I like it brown. You look well, more natural, like it's not dyed -- duh. It's more sophisticated.

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tanya 06/25/2009

I like both of you...

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aprice88 05/05/2009

Awesome! Looks like you are having just as much fun. Something in both pics seems to have caught your eye in the distance. Wonder what that was...

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