CUTE Window Draft Blockers

Tights from Marshall's. Each were on clearance for $5.00
Be careful when working with died tights. Mine bled on my hands! :)
  • Tights from Marshall's. Each were on clearance for $5.00
  • 5 pound bag of rice from Deal$ for just $3. I got 4 bags.
  • Measure door frame, although this isn't really necessary since the tights will stretch.
  • Cut off the legs of the tights as high as you can.
  • Fill with rice & stretch out by the window.
  • Here are 2 of the 4 rolls I made. Each used an entire 5 pound bag of rice.
  • Tie the end off to close.
  • Be careful when working with died tights. Mine bled on my hands! :)

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I noticed that my living room windows seemed to be a bit drafty since we've had about a foot of snow on the ground since Christmas AND temperatures below 10 degrees! Brrrrr!

I didn't want to purchase pre-made draft blockers, because of money and because the one I currently have isn't heavy enough to stay near the door & it doesn't really do it's job.

After calling my sister to ask if I could borrow her sewing machine, she suggested that I buy some fun, patterned tights that I could make the draft blockers WITHOUT sewing!

I went to my favorite Marshalls and after finding many pairs of designer tights, I chose these tights because they would match the colors in my living room & they were on clearance for $5 a pair. My next stop was Deal$ where I found 5 pound bags of rice for just $3. I didn't know how much rice I would need, but I bought 4 bags, hoping to be able to make 6 draft blockers.

When I got home, I cut the legs of the tights, as high as I could cut them. I then filled the legs with rice (each leg took an entire 5 pounds of rice) and then knotted them to close them.

They are really cute & already seem to be blocking the cold from coming inside!

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mwr4r5480 01/05/2010

awesome idea! love this!

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