Baby Girl Room with vinyl wall decal

by emay78

Deciding on wall placement of tree. Tree came in 4 parts.
Rest of room. Still waiting on new glider cusions.
  • Deciding on wall placement of tree. Tree came in 4 parts.
  • Color choices.  Went with the option on the far left.
  • Painting trim
  • Coat one is done!
  • Finished painting!  Wall prior to installing  vinyl decal
  • Painting trim - notice the green Frog Tape!
  • Step one of decal install.  Tree trunk installed.
  • Step 2 - top branch installed
  • steps 3&4 - lower branches installed
  • Final step - intall birds.
  • Finished wall with decal and furniture in place
  • Crib with new baby girl bedding from Pottery Barn Kids
  • Rest of room. Still waiting on new glider cusions.

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We have a baby girl on the way, so we decided to turn our original guest bedroom into her new room and move the guest bed down the hall.

We picked out bedding from Pottery Barn Kids called Penelope which is green and pink and has birds on it.  A friend of mine installed a vinyl wall tree decal in her kids' room, so I decided to try it myself. The decal came from and the birds came from vinyl wall art on etsy (

The vinyl wall decal is just like a big sticker.  Each piece of the tree came with blue backing paper that peeled off, as well as a clear top adhesive paper.  To install, remove the backing paper, place vinyl sticker on wall, use tool to smooth and secure the sticker to the wall, and finally remove the clear top adhesive paper.

I didn't want to OD on pink, so we chose green for the room.  PBK has Benjamin Moore paint swatches that coordinate with their items, but we weren't feeling it and went with a Valspar paint color (Laura Ashley's Apple 3) from Lowes.

We also used Frog Tape for this project and I highly recommend it.  We have had so much more success with clean lines with Frog Tape vs. the standard blue painters tape.  Definitely worth the extra dollar or two.

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widwi_rt 12/01/2011


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widwi_rt 12/01/2011


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