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Are the Kids Crayons worn down? Don't throw them away, use this guide to decorate flower pots with the old crayon wrappers on worn down Crayola Crayons.

Step 1 For now, separate the Crayon wrapper from the Crayon. Here, I had to use a knife.. do whatever you need to - tear, cut, whatever. There is no right or wrong way. Each is unique and different.

Step 2 The next step will consist of gathering the Mod Podge and the Flower Pot

Step 3 Wash the flower pot inside and out real well with a dish washing liquid

Step 4 Seal the inside with a spray sealer, let dry

Step 5 Now, take the Mod Podge and sticky the crayon wrapper and then place randomly or in a pattern on the flower pot.

Step 6 Another way to do it would be to tear the wrappers into many pieces and make them smaller, or use tissue, wrapping paper, photos, newspaper the same way

Step 7 Cover the finish with a light coat of Mod Podge and let Dry

Step 8 Using the acrylic paints and a brush, paint the rim and or the inside of the pot with a colour to Match a crayon

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lprice9 10/01/2009

This is great. I love mod podge.

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