How to Frost a Cake

Remove cake from pan
Decorate as desired!
  • Remove cake from pan
  • With a large knofe or leveler, level cake
  • Flip over cake, with bottom on top pipe frosting around edge of cake
  • Fill with favorite filling
  • repeat leveling on another cake and place on top, bottom up
  • Pipe a layer of frosting on cake
  • With the spatula at an angle smooth frosting around cake and on top
  • refridgerate til cake forms a hard crust, about 20 minutes, this will prevent the dreaded bulge in the middle of the cake
  • pipe a thicker layer of frosting
  • With the spatula at a slight angle, spread the frosting around cake. Each time you pick up you spatula make sure you clean it off before placing it on the cake again. This is a MUST for a smooth cake.
  • For a smooth top, with the same angle and always clean spatula, gently pul the frosting inward until all sides are smooth.
  • Decorate as desired!

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Learn the step by steps of How to Frost a Cake like a pro from CraftersGuru.

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pjverrone 06/12/2011

Looks so tasty!

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dorsey 11/23/2010

Nice instruction sequence with illustrative photos.

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tanya 05/27/2009

beautiful and yummy

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