Rotator Cuff Repair

by surfdog

mri shows full thickness cuff tear
  • mri shows full thickness cuff tear
  • delamination on mri
  • bare tuberosity
  • delaminated tear
  • passing a PDS to reduce the delaminated portions
  • delaminated portion reduces with first suture
  • delaminated portion further reduced with second suture
  • spinal needles to target anchor placement
  • pilot hole for anterior anchor
  • anterior anchor in
  • posterior anchor placed
  • multiple mattress sutures have been placed, 2 from each anchor
  • gathering most anterior and 3rd from anterior suture limbs in lateral cannula to load into footprint anchor
  • footprint anchor placed
  • completed repair
  • lateral view of completed repair

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double row rotator cuff repair of delaminated supra and infraspinatus rupture

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aprice88 05/21/2009

Hi - Cool posting. What did this guy (or gal) do to his shoulder that caused this?

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yura 05/14/2009

Looks like a lot of work!

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